Saturday, December 24, 2016

Berkeley: Homeless camp evicted — again

How about the complaints for humane living? Those are neglected and swept under an unmovable carpet, huh?! 
How do you evict humans forced into circumstances of based-survival?
Capitalism loves destitute humans in need. Such, excessively feeds a desperate system (in which, at times would otherwise falter more).
Able-bodied capitalists enjoy happy holidays and overwhelmingly steal from the most-needy, vulnerable and un-able bodied via unnecessary subsidies, etc.
Humans of capitalist nature pounce at every opportunity with greed-intentions. When one is not available, they engineer one. Hence, a dozen or so raids at times they strategically calculate will be most opportune. Unhappy Christmas Eve/holidays, New Year, etc., much?!
Unacceptably, the pattern undoubtedly indicates: Delay, Deny & Hope you die. The unavoidable reality is blatant and of unequal opportunity.
Understandably, many people are unable to reside in problem-plagued shelters. That's fairly easy to compute. At least for the educated....
Anything less is ignorant and uncivilized.

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