Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Women Will Finally Get Equal Pay for Equal Work in California


Today, Governor Jerry Brown will sign the Fair Pay Act, a new law that goes further than any federal measure to ensure equal pay for equal work. The law forces employers who pay more to a man working the same job as a woman to prove that the pay is based on elements other than gender.

The new law also changes the rules on whether and when employees can sue employers regarding pay issues, and it also allows employees to discuss pay without fear of retribution.

Beddit launches Apple Watch sleep tracking app as Smart Sleep Tracker comes to Apple Stores


Sleep tracking accessory maker Beddit is out with a new watchOS 2 app for Apple Watch today. Because Beddit offers a dedicated sensor for tracking your sleep duration and quality each night, Apple Watch is able to charge overnight as needed and still present sleep data in the morning. Thanks to hardware access granted to native software, Beddit’s watchOS 2 app lets Apple Watch double as a sleep tracker during the day for measuring naps and creating silent alarms.

New Film Peace Officer Documents the Human Cost of Police Militarization


Police militarization and overuse of SWAT raids has been a constant topic in the news over the past several years. Authors like Radley Balko have detailed the incredible destructive increase in the number of annual paramilitary raids conducted on citizens for suspected crimes such as low-level drug offenses, credit card theft, misdemeanor illegal gamblingunpaid fines, and even barbershops to check that the barbers were licensed. These violent raids, 60,000 a year, are often conducted on people who have no criminal record or history of violence, and innocent residents are frequently terrorized by heavily armed goons who show up at the wrong residence.

Mayor Schaaf's Media Underreports, Overreported for Quan


Police are still investigating the slaying, which comes amid growing fear that street violence is once again on the rise. So far this year, Oakland has recorded 74 homicides, 15 more than at the same point last year.


Setting the Record Straight About Oakland:  http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/setting-the-record-straight-about-oakland/Content?oid=4042773

Crime is down dramatically in Oakland this year, and yet you'd never know it by reading the daily newspapers or watching TV news. Moreover, news reports often portray shootings and homicides as being citywide issues in Oakland, and not problems localized to certain sections of the city. And despite a renaissance that has led Oakland to become one of the most talked-about cities nationwide, the cacophony of negative news coverage in the Bay Area continues to cloud public opinion and is hampering Oakland's ability to grow economically.

Commentary: Media Is In Hot Pursuit of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan: http://www.publicceo.com/2014/06/commentary-media-is-in-hot-pursuit-of-oakland-mayor-jean-quan/

As an incumbent, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is constantly looking at her rearview mirror. With 18 potential challengers in hot pursuit this November, she might as well be driving a white Bronco. After a photograph of Quan was trumpeted by KRON two week, it seems every one of her enemies in Oakland have their cell phone cameras trained on the mayor. Every new occurrence seems to corroborate the last and bolster this new meme that not only is Quan bad for Oakland, she’s also literally dangerous.

However, what KRON and other local media outlets did last week was  a shameful hit piece that would have even made the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci blush. When news hit Quan was involved in a fender bender in Oakland, KRON, the Chronicle and the Bay Area News Group framed the news around potentially specious accounts of the accident. For KRON, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy after the station received so much attention for the “People Behaving Badly” story on Quan and her cell phone. When was the last time viewers paid attention to KRON? Last week, they appeared to have overreached in reporting an account biased toward the mayor is driving reckless yet again meme. 

Even the top brass at the Chronicle tweeted unverified accounts who say they saw Quan run the red light while using her cell phone. Such shading on the story at the early outset seems a bit risky, since there was not yet a police report and Quan side of the story and the offering of phone records were not yet presented. But, these media outlets trudged on like early reports a generation ago that Muslims were indeed the bombers of the Oklahoma City bombings. They didn’t.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's re-election hinges on crime:  http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Oakland-Mayor-Jean-Quan-s-re-election-hinges-on-5194520.php

Even Airbnb and Google senior workers can’t afford to live near the office


Berkeley Council to discuss report regarding Tasers, other electronic control weapons

Apple to drop its contract with VMWare, which could be a serious blow to VMWare's future


Facebook wants to bolster connectivity for slow Internet users and Sub-Saharan Africa


There are still users stuck on mobile 2G connections around the world, so the Facebook News team is working toward making sure those users can load and scroll the News Feed at any connection speed.