Saturday, May 30, 2015

IP in a World Without Scarcity

Things are valuable because they are scarce. The more abundant they become, the

cheaper they become. But a series of technological changes is underway that

promises to end scarcity as we know it for a wide variety of goods. The Internet is

the most obvious example, because the change there is furthest along. The Internet

has reduced the cost of production and distribution of informational content effectively

to zero. More recently, new technologies promise to do for a variety of physical

goods and even services what the Internet has already done for information.

The role of intellectual property (IP) in such a world is both controverted and

critically important. Efforts to use IP to lock down the Internet have so far failed to

stem the unauthorized distribution of content. But contrary to the predictions of IP

theory, the result of that failure has not been a decline in creativity. To the contrary,

creativity is flourishing on the Internet as never before despite the absence of effective

IP enforcement. That is a problem for IP theory, which may not be the main

driver of creativity in a world where creation, reproduction, and distribution are

cheap. That is increasingly the world in which we will live.

Hedge Fund Managers Back Charter Schools, Democrats' Campaigns

A Look At The Future Of Shopping Inside A Startups Lab In This San Francisco Mall

The predatory Enterprise Rent-A-Car lurking in your neighborhood

After politely informing Tanner that I would not be doing business with Enterprise Rent-A-Cara since my reservation had suddenly changed, Tanner began to raise his voice towards me in the presence of customers prior to snapping my credit card down on the counter in an angry manner, which could have caused the credit card to sustain irreparable damage.

The entire ordeal was like something straight out of a Twilight Zone movie, and during our conversation, Tanner who was dressed in a suit and tie, and who was still very much angry with me for not wanting to pay a higher amount than what I was originally given over the telephone, also stated that they don’t go by what the reps say over the phone and that they use a different system altogether, so the price is not going to be the same. Now with this haunting statement alone, If Tanner is to be believed, it would appear to the objective investigator that the reps on the telephone are there to get the customer in the front door and that they accomplish this by promising things that will not be honored by the individual location. This wasn’t always the case because I’ve rented numerous vehicles from this same location in the past without any issues of this kind.

Oregon Organic Farmers Beat Monsanto As Federal Judge Upholds GMO Seed Ban

Judge dismisses final marijuana challenge; access expected by 'end of year' state says

Florida regulators said they expect to provide access to a limited strain of non-euphoric marijuana for medical purposes by the end of the year after a Tallahassee judge on Wednesday dismissed the final challenge to the long-awaited rule.

The Florida Department of Health, which developed the rule, is expected to start accepting applications within three weeks from eligible growers for the strain of marijuana that is low in euphoria-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and high in cannabadiol, or CBD. Growers could start selling to eligible patients who are put on a state-run "compassionate use registry" within months.

Airbus to Create Venture Capital Arm, Innovation Center in Silicon Valley

A venture capital veteran will lead the business while an ex-Google executive will head the innovation center

New study finds link between unemployment rate and cellphone use

What does a cellphone have to do with unemployment? A lot actually, said David Lazer, who heads the Lazer Laboratory at Northeastern and is one of the study’s authors. Humans are creatures of habit. Just think of your morning routine: You snag your wallet, house keys, and phone before you leave the house for the office each day.