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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Homeless Aren't Just Living on the Streets, They're Dying There

48 Forgotten Homeless Humans

Sadly said, these people were forgotten prior to their death.  Victimized by society and the system.  Media spins to suppress public outcry. 
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed told the gathering that the city, county  and its community and business partners have realized how to solve the  homeless problem and have financing for it in place.

"If we can get them in a home and stabilize their lives, they have  the capacity and we have the capacity to deal with them," Reed said.

"They need homes," Reed said. "We know how to do it, we can do it,  so there's hope... We just have to be smart enough to do it. We have the  resources to do it."
"It's housing first," she said. "Getting people in housing and  figuring out how to get them to stay there."
Oh, so now they realize how to solve the problem, huh? And, it's actually not a resource problem, but an efficiency issue.  Hmm.  They can and know how, but have to be smart enough.  Sounds like another lost cause to me.
Oh, please.  After all of these years with the same issues you're claiming you can't figure out how to get homeless people to stay in the precarious housing/shelter you provide?!  Bologna!

I have an idea, how about you provide adequate proper housing to begin with.  Ultimately, if you stopped throwing people to the curb like your daily trash, the problem would be less existent.

2 St. Louis warehouse fires blamed on homeless

Instead of blaming the homeless for trying to survive, how about you do so to the system and society for allowing such an injustice?!  Instead, their under investigation, right?

Teen Spends More Than $500 Buying Gifts For Homeless

She doesn’t make that much at Taco Bell, but that didn’t stop her from giving.

Homeless man arrested 200 times: A walk home, back to the streets of Corryville (VIDEO)

Woman believed to be homeless found dead in Palo Alto park

Homeless no longer welcome at L.A.'s Union Station,0,683076.story#axzz2o9PdD2v0

To deal with scores of homeless camping out, the county launched a program making the station off-limits except to ticket-holders.