Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Old School- Steely Dan (VIDEO)


SUNY New Paltz named to 2015 list of best regional colleges in the Northeast by Princeton Review


New Paltz is nationally recognized among the nation’s top public colleges in a variety of categories: US News & World Report ranked the College 6th among public masters institutions in the North; Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Higher Education ranked New Paltz 49th nationally, and listed the College among Kiplinger’s 30 Best College Values in the Mid-Atlantic, and among Kiplinger’s Best College Values Under $30,000. The College also ranked 2nd nationally in the Affordable Colleges Online list of the nation’s most affordable colleges with the biggest return on investment; ranked 6th in Great Value Colleges 2014 list of “50 Affordable Colleges in the Northeast;” ranked in The Princeton Review’s Guide to 332 Green Colleges; and was recognized by the US Department of State among the nation’s leaders in Fulbright Scholars.

St Louis police fatally shoot man near Ferguson – live updates


Nearly Half of Americans Think the Recession Is Not Over


Some 76 percent don’t think their children’s generation will have a better life than they did. Americans are right to think they are worse off: Even if they have recovered financially, they have become aware that the economy is riskier than it used to be. They might never bounce back from that.

Economic well-being is not limited to wealth, earnings, and employment; security matters, too. All else being equal, a riskier environment is worse, economically speaking. Financial markets may be less volatile, but structural changes in the economy have increased risk for most Americans’ largest asset: future earnings.

Lifetime earning power has been getting less certain for decades, but it took the recession to make people realize it. In 2002, one out of two Americans expected real income gains in the next five years, according to the Index of Consumer Sentiment; by 2013, only one in three did. It is well known that real median earnings didn’t increase in the last 20 years; overall earnings have become more volatile, too. The amount that the average household’s earnings fluctuate each year has been increasing (PDF) since the 1980s. Household finances also are less secure because people have less liquid savings and more debt. The economic stress associated with the recession made these trends more apparent.

Mass Layoffs Hit Intellectual Ventures' Patent Factory


Intellectual Ventures, the company Silicon Valley loves to despise, is laying off about 20 percent of its employees, Bloomberg Businessweek has learned.

Was Oakland's moment of silence for Ferguson buzzed by a police helicopter?


But as hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza took part in the National Moment of Silence in honor of Brown, that quiet was disrupted by the loud chop-chop-chop of a helicopter hovering directly overhead.

"Helicopter circling #Oakland #NMOS14 apparently didn't get the memo this will be a silent vigil," tweeted Sigrid Hafstrom, an Oakland resident. Many tweeted and spoke about the disrespect of the hovering chopper.

Some reports are now identifying that helicopter as a California Highway Patrol aircraft, which begs the question: Did state cops buzz over a memorial for those who died at the hand of police?

National Guard Troops in Ferguson Fail to Quell Unrest


Early Monday, after a new spate of unrest, Gov. Jay Nixon said he was bringing in the National Guard. Hours later, he said that he was lifting the curfew and that the Guard would have only a limited role, protecting the police command post.
Although the tactics changed, the nighttime scene did not.

Grand jury continuing investigation of PG&E at most will result in slap on wrist


The maximum possible fine in the criminal case, if PG&E is convicted, would be $1.13 billion, or twice the amount of the victims’ losses. The indictment cites a figure of $565 million in losses, which is the amount of settlements reached in San Mateo County Superior Court in lawsuits filed against PG&E by family members of victims, people who were injured and people whose property was damaged.  In a separate action, San Bruno officials revealed Monday that they have asked prosecutors to recommend the appointment of an independent federal monitor to oversee PG&E’s progress in improving safety as part of the penalty if the utility is convicted.