Saturday, December 24, 2016

Berkeley: Homeless camp evicted — again

How about the complaints for humane living? Those are neglected and swept under an unmovable carpet, huh?! 
How do you evict humans forced into circumstances of based-survival?
Capitalism loves destitute humans in need. Such, excessively feeds a desperate system (in which, at times would otherwise falter more).
Able-bodied capitalists enjoy happy holidays and overwhelmingly steal from the most-needy, vulnerable and un-able bodied via unnecessary subsidies, etc.
Humans of capitalist nature pounce at every opportunity with greed-intentions. When one is not available, they engineer one. Hence, a dozen or so raids at times they strategically calculate will be most opportune. Unhappy Christmas Eve/holidays, New Year, etc., much?!
Unacceptably, the pattern undoubtedly indicates: Delay, Deny & Hope you die. The unavoidable reality is blatant and of unequal opportunity.
Understandably, many people are unable to reside in problem-plagued shelters. That's fairly easy to compute. At least for the educated....
Anything less is ignorant and uncivilized.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Elitist Spy State Wants Oppression Via Cloud of Income, Housing Uncertainty

Y-Combinator’s Basic Income Experiment Will Pay the Rent for Lucky Oakland Residents:

Poor People Help “Rich” People redistribute stolen Inherited and Hoarded Wealth Across Mama Earth

Most new jobs in L.A. County will be low-paying, report warns

AP: Big Trump Donation Came Day of Media Report

Fed report points to slight rise in inflation, tight job market

Police are filing warrants for Android’s vast store of location data

Yahoo releases content of three FBI data requests to public