Friday, May 30, 2014

Brazilian Street Artists Use Their Talents To Protest FIFA And The World Cup

The impending World Cup, which will be taking place this year in Brazil in the month of June has been mired in conflict and controversy for some time now. While the event is marketed as a show of Brazilian cultural pride, some Brazilians are feeling less pride and more resentment. The erection of a (insert) studio along with efforts to clean up surrounding areas has resulting in the eviction and displacement of thousands of black and indigenous Brazilians. According to Reuters:

Brazil’s treatment of those in the way of its World Cup plans has prompted condemnation from the United Nations. Raquel Rolnik, the U.N. special rapporteur on housing, has visited Camaragibe and Coque, a neighborhood in Recife also targeted for World Cup–related transit projects. She said Brazil was clearly breaking a commitment that those evicted in such projects must see their living conditions improve or at least stay the same. Describing some of the small indemnities presented to the homeowners, Rolnik concluded: “We see that the people getting these amounts are living much worse than they were before.”
While authorities in Brazil have taken extreme measures to squelch protests and quiet opposition, anti-Fifa street art is popping up all over the cities which will be hosting World Cup events and matches.

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