Thursday, May 3, 2012

Minnesota Police Reportedly Give Drugs To Occupy Protesters For 'Impairment Study' (VIDEO)!

Occupy protestors in Minnesota are alleging that police gave drugs to young people as part of an 'impairment study' that helps officers identify the symptoms of drug use.

In a video (watch above), activists claim that for three weeks, law enforcement officers have been picking up volunteers to participate in a program called "Drug Recognition Expert."

The footage shows alleged participants in the scheme, including one who claims, "They [the police] come into downtown... and basically pick up random people, and ask them to do drug evaluations."

The man adds, "They let you smoke and then they send you back to Occupy [demonstration in Peavy Plaza]. You smoke right in front of them."

As of now, the claims remain unsubstantiated. Attempts to contact Minnesota law enforcement authorities were unsuccessful.

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